How long can dogs go without water

How Long Can A Dog Go Without Water?(2-3days)

The question “how long can a dog go without water?” may pop up in your head when you notice your canine friend refuses to drink for many hours straight.

Water is vital to humans, but how about dogs? You’ll find an answer and tips to get your dog to drink water again.

How long can dogs go without water?

Generally, a dog can survive without water for two to three days.

However, the exact time may depend on several factors, including:

  • Breed: Breeds that are more active during the day will need more water to function. Therefore, they aren’t able to go long without water.
  • Age: Puppies need less water daily so that they can do without liquids longer than adult and elder dogs.
  • Health conditions: A dog with health issues will not likely survive dehydration for a long time.
  • Weather: Dogs living in a hot area are prone to overheat so that they can go without water for a shorter period compared to those living in a mild climate.

How much water should a dog drink a day?

How much a dog should drink a day depends on its body weight.

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs should drink about one ounce of fluids per every pound of their body weight daily. For example, a 30-pound dog needs about 30 ounces (3.75 cups) of water daily. The bigger a dog is, the more water he needs to drink.

If your dog isn’t getting enough water for a while, he may suffer from dehydration.

What happens when your dogs are dehydrated
Dogs may pant heavily when they are hot and need water.

What happens when your dogs are dehydrated?

Let’s see what happens when your dog is dehydrated.

Day 1

Your dog may have less energy than usual if he doesn’t drink water for a day. He won’t be actively running around and greeting you when you come home. At the end of the day, he tends to pant heavily, which is a warning sign of very hot conditions.

Day 2

On the second day, your dog may be wholly deprived of energy. He can barely move at all.

Day 3

At this time, some organs of your dog, such as the liver, kidneys, etc., are damaged due to prolonged dehydration. Immediate intervention should be made to prevent organ failure, which even leads to death afterward.

Don’t let it get to day three. When you notice signs of dehydration in your dog, you should get him to drink water or eat moisture-rich food right away.

What are the signs of dehydration in dogs?

It is difficult to track how much water your dog drinks daily, but you can notice some signs of dehydration in dogs to take immediate action.

1. Low energy

Most dogs are playful and sociable animals that love playing with people and other species. If you notice that your doggo looks tired and lacks energy, it may be due to dehydration.

2. Loss of appetite

Poor dehydration makes it difficult for dogs to swallow a piece of food. It’s like trying to eat a loaf of bread without any liquid. In addition, a lack of water will also affect your dog’s digestive system. Therefore, he may suffer from reduced appetite.

3. Dry mouth and gums

Gums are a naturally moist area of a dog. If his gums are dry or tacky, your dog needs a drink soon.

Note that a dog may have dry gums after taking a nap. However, if there are other signs showing at the same time, chances are your dog is dehydrated.

4. Dry and sunken eyes

Dehydration can cause both eyes of your dog to appear sunken suddenly. This happens as the fat pads around his eyes and the eyeballs themselves lose water and shrink.

5. Dark yellow pee

Your dog’s pee can tell us whether he is hydrated or not. A well-hydrated one tends to have yellow and pale urine, while a dehydrated dog can be caught with dark yellow pee. You’ll also notice that the amount of pee is significantly reduced when he needs a drink.

6. Loss of skin elasticity

Healthy and hydrated dogs have elastic skin that can flatten out as soon as we pinch it. If the skin fails to fall back, you should offer your dog a drink immediately.

How to prevent dehydration in dogs
How to prevent dehydration in dogs

How to prevent dehydration in dogs?

If you notice signs that your dog isn’t getting enough water, you should offer him a drink immediately. However, what should you do if your dog refuses to drink water?

Here are some tips to ensure your dog is well-hydrated in that case.

1. Use moisture-rich food

It’s simple: Just add water when preparing meals for your doggo. In addition, you can also count on canned foods, which are primarily juicy and filled with water.

Another simple method is to feed your dog a treat that offers extra moisture.

2. Use water alternatives

Sometimes, dogs aren’t interested in water since it is bland and boring. If so, you can try feeding them flavorful beverages such as raw goat’s milk. However, these alternatives can’t replace drinking water. Your canine friend needs water to survive.

3. Avoid salty foods

Salty foods are not recommended for dogs; they only worsen the situation when your dog is dehydrated. Don’t be tempted to share your snacks and biscuits with your doggo under any circumstances.

4. Change the bowl

Some dogs are picky when it comes to bowls. They may refuse to eat or drink anything from a bowl they don’t like. Therefore, changing the bowl’s shape, size, or color is worth a try.

Make sure you choose a bowl with a suitable size, neither too deep nor too shallow, for the dog to drink water comfortably. In addition, you should invest in a metal or ceramic item to avoid odor.

Closing thoughts

The answer to “How long can a dog go without water?” is 2-3 days, depending on the listed factors. However, it is essential to keep your dog well-hydrated since dehydration can cause serious health effects.

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